With Chappy you can relax, because your child’s best friend will never get lost again!

Your child’s favorite stuffed animal, doll or even a blanket means the world to them. It embodies safety and predictability. It soothes the fears and anxieties of an uncertain and frightening world. Losing this precious support is emotionally shocking for the child and a very loud nightmare for you!

Whether you’ve misplaced your child’s lovey on the road or in your own house, it's not easy to search while your child is going through a meltdown...

Peace of Mind.

Chappy is the ultimate solution to finding your child's best friend - fast!

By using Chappy, you and your child can relax, knowing that their best friend will always be easy to track down.

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Along with your tax deduction you'll also receive a Find Chappy AirTag set as a FREE GIFT when you make a minimum monthly or one-time donation to What About Us, Inc., a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit benefiting the families of children facing unexpected life-changing illnesses.